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Scott Hunter delivers an individual football coaching programme for children aged 6-16. This is invite only and is for identified players that show a high level of technical skill and have strong motivation to achieve within the game.


Scott has played and coached the game at various levels. With his UEFA B License and FA Youth Awards he has planned and delivers a coaching programme that allows individuals to learn and develop their game:

“No one has ‘mastered’ the game of football itself. Nations and clubs have conquered the world for a period of time but the game changes and evolves. I believe that if a player can learn how to master the ball, understand his/her team mates and have many answers to all of the questions asked in a match then they have the opportunity to be successful in whatever they choose to do in their footballing career”



Players to…
– Be confident in executing the skill
– Be comfortable in using left and right foot
– Be creative
– Have the skill to play in all positions


Players to…
– Develop understanding of attack and defence
– Explore styles of play
– Understands ways to retain possesion
– Play in a range of positions (primary & secondary)


Players to…
– Develop physical capabilities through practices
– Progress with Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and speed
– Alert and responsive with each movement
– Understand the body and how to make it healthy

Psychological / Social

Players to…
– Understand the benifits of practice
– Be confidents when playing and performing
– Take responsibility of their learning and developement
– Be polite and have a respectful approach
– Communicate effectively with Coaches and Managers

At NSCoaching we group players in age groups and have them train as a ‘team’. They will learn and explore all areas of the game and challenge themselves to reach their highest level. The programme runs alongside the academic year and is organised into 6 periods:



P1 - Technical Quality

Individuals to develop and strengthen techniques with the ball. The are to spend the period improving confidence when in control of the ball. Techniques will be challenged throughout this period, positional skills will be a focus. This is to allow individuals to strengthen specific techniques.



P2 - Attacking Responsibilities

This period will allow the individual to focus on attacking qualities. We explore ways to attack, the techniques to use and the reason behind our decisions. Individuals will develop 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 attack play. They will be encouraged to use creativity in their play throughout.



P3 - Defensive Responsibilities

Individuals are challenged in this period, all will be encouraged to learn, understand and develop methods in defending and use these techniques to problem solve. The use of “under loaded” practices will aim to give the individual confidence when faced with a defensive role in game situations. We will spend time praising the work of a defensive player and learning the role that the have within football.



P4 - Position Specific

Individuals will have the opportunity to explore positions then look to strengthen abilities in a specific area. This period will challenge the players game understanding while engaging the psychological and sociaal corners of the approach. This period will range from working on set pieces to playing in different formations.



P5 - Styles of play

Individuals will challenge to work creatively within this period. Each session will focus on a different way of playing a game, Individuals are to respond positively to these challenges by using appropriate techniques, skills and undersstanding. This period will challenge all 4 previous periods.



P6 - Competition Phase

In this last period individuals face challenges against themselves and others. We will try and expose them to competition without placing stress on any parts of their game. The idea is they will get to show the developments from the  previous 5 periods.

When possible NSCoaching age groups will play matches against local clubs, development centres and academies. These games will usually take place on the evening of the training session or on a Saturday afternoon. There is no guarantee of this but Scott understands the importance in players reviewing their progress and challenging opposition. It is also possible for individuals to be recommended for trials at professional clubs. Again, NSCoaching cannot and will not promise this.