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Venues used for Saturday Strikers

East Sheen Primary School – Upper Richmond Road West – SW14 8ED

Sythwood Primary School – Woking – GU2 3AX

NSSport offers children a fun and enjoyable start to their footballing journey through Saturday Strikers. It is aimed at children, boys and girls, from 4-9 years as an introduction to football. Each week we deliver different aspects to enhance your child’s learning of the beautiful game. All activities are designed for specific ages and needs. We introduce the player to a competitive environment without ever putting them under stress or pressure. We follow the national governing bodies approach in this and ensure the game is coached the right way.

Some things that you can look forward to are:

Completing the NS Strikers skill card and receiving your reward


Competitions such as the premier league, champions league, FA Cup, European Championship and the world cup

An annual match vs the parents